Wide Range of Innovative Services provided to Wireless Carriers and Telecom Operators

At KCCTech, we bridge Innovative Multi-Vendor Engineering Services with Advanced Technical Field Expertise, coupled with niche Software Solutions to improve KPIs of the existing network while expanding for new Technology, Capacity and Growth with cost avoidance and improve NRO cycle times.

Our Leadership team brings diverse expertise from various different parts of ICT (Information Communication Technology) with many NRO (Network Roll Out) experiences in advanced technology fields across the globe. At KCCTech, we strive to combine advanced technology expertise with niche solutions to build efficiencies and come up with creative solutions to customer problems.

KCCTech has a unique and innovative technique to approach PIM/RTWP challenges on a Carrier’s network, that can be used on new carriers and/or operational network to identify and pin point PIM problems both predict or react to identify the root cause of the issue. Especially with the Network getting more complex with additional LTE and 5G Carriers (L600 band , F-NET, etc), strategic partnership and services KCCTech provides is critical to Improve Network quality, Minimize Operational Cost and Improve Network performance to increase Customer Experience. In addition, KCCTech is proud to contribute to the First Responder Network rollout & support Public Safety at National Level.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your network performance and provide efficiencies for cost avoidance, so that your network is performing at its utmost capacity to the satisfaction of your end users.

Business Solutions

Running a network is not easy. With KCCTECH services, you will learn solutions to common network management challenges & expand your network with efficiency and advanced Engineering, from the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. Let us take away the hassle of finding the right resources.

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Whether you want us to provide you specific Engineering or Field Services or help augment resources; we can help!

KCCTech Services & Tools

We strive to help Network Operators develop a solid foundation and network growth strategy so they can be successful in Technology race. We work 24/7 to improve network quality, network productivity, project execution, resource management and most importantly customer satisfaction. Find out how we can help you and your network today!









End to End Construction Services

KCCTech and KCN Communications (together as one) are proud to offer multi-state construction, installation, integration and optimization services in a market near you!

  • Small-cell and macro-cell sites
  • In-building small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • New site builds
  • Rooftop and water tank installations
  • New tower erection
  • Overlays and antenna modifications
  • FTTx installation and testing
  • Microwave backhaul networks
  • Power plant upgrades
  • Generator installations
  • Technology upgrades
  • HVAC service and maintenance
  • Tower and structure painting
  • Lighting repair and replacement
  • Landscaping and irrigation installation and repair
  • Storm runoff and drainage repairs
  • Site Abatement and cleanup
  • Fence repair or replacement
  • Erosion control (waddle)
  • Guy wire tensioning and alignment
  • Grounding installation and inspection
  • Vagrant proofing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Access road blading and road base services



KCCTech is proud to serve major National Wireless Carriers in the US, wireless Operators in Europe and Western Asia, National Turf Vendors in the US, other Vendors and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Globally.  Below is a sample list of our Past and Active Projects:

  • Carrier Add & NSB Integration and Commissioning Project
  • Transport (SIAD) Modernization Project
  • Antenna Configuration Change Project
  • High RTWP Investigation Analysis and Back Office Engineering Support Project
  • 5G Overlay Project
  • Small Cells Rollout Project
  • C-RAN Design and Integration Project
  • Site Hygiene Project
  • PIM Hunting and Resolution Project
  • F-NET (First Responders Network) Project
  • Specialized Integration Trainings for Field Team
  • Call Test/Drive Testing Field Measurements (PSAP/E911)
  • DAS Design, Optimization & Troubleshooting

Why choose us you may ask.

Engineering guidance & advanced tool intelligence for Field Troubleshooting drastically reduces troubleshooting time with high success accuracy.

  • Flexible & 24/7

  • Smart Automation & Scalable

  • Project/Program Management

  • Niche Solutions Oriented

  • Advanced Engineering Consultants

  • Expertise in Latest Technologies including 5G

  • Machine Learning with Big Data Analysis

  • Customized Training for Customers

  • 5G Integration and Commissioning

  • Accurate Analysis with Efficiency and Results

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